Woodland Grange Primary School

25th Anniversary

1991 - 2016

We are delighted to be celebrating our 25th Anniversary. We have lots of exciting things planned to celebrate this special birthday. Please send any photographs or memories using the 25years@woodlandgrange.leics.sch.uk email address.

There is even a Facebook page! Many thanks to the past staff members and pupils who have set it up and contributed to it so far, it really is fantastic to hear about your memories of our school.

We enjoyed working with Sinfonia Viva on a special music project. The children wrote, performed and recorded their own school song '25 years ago'. It was brilliant! We have also updated our large mural in the hall. The children worked with a local artist to create a torn paper masterpiece using the theme of local wildlife.

 Click on the link below to read about the beginnings of our school (thanks to Miss Butcher):

WG - How did it all begin.pdf

Our school was built in 1991. It opened it's doors for the first time on 28th August 1991 and had 39 pupils on roll. Miss Butcher was our head teacher.

  Woodland Grange's very first nativity - December 1991 
 Mrs Lane's class - 1992 (photo courtesy of Laura Hayes)
 Mrs D'Arcy's class 1994 (photo courtesy of Laura Hayes)
 Mr Bannister's class - 1998 (photo courtesy of Laura Hayes)

Christmas at Woodland Grange - 1995

 (photos courtesy of Alex Cross)
 The arrival of technology - February 1995  
The school had a visit from Ofsted in the spring term 1998. It was already a very good school with a growing reputation for excellent teaching and learning.
  Children collected gifts for orphans in war zones across Europe - Spring term 1999
 Mrs Pittham's class 2000 (photo courtesy of Sheila Merriman)
Raising over £2000 for Rainbows Hospice with sponsored events - Spring 2000  
  On 18th October 2002 the school was expanded with the opening of a new school hall, computer suite, classroom and library!
Miss Brown's (Mrs Moore) class 2002 (photo courtesy of Sheila Merriman) 
OFSTED visited Woodland Grange in June 2003 and our school received yet another glowing report.  
Woodland Grange was awarded a healthy schools award in 2004 - something which continues to be important at our school. The school designed and painted some totem poles as part of an art project in 2004.
 Mrs Chadwick's class - 2004 (photo courtesy of Amanda Cave)
Pupils enjoying their residential trip to Red Ridge - 2004/5 (photo courtesy of Sharon Bessey Suldhana)
  In 2005 the school raised over £4000 for the RSPCA centre at Woodside.
 In 2005 the school website was awarded a prestigious  award from Yahoo - beating many other sites including the NASA website for Mars rover!
 In 2006 the school unveiled two new sculptures using recycled materials. 
 Mrs Calder's class - 2005 (photo courtesy of Ann Davies)
 Reception calender - 2007 (photo courtesy of Amanda Gardner)
 Mrs Woolerson's class - 2007 (photo courtesy of Amanda Cave)
Woodland Grange set up it's woodle 'online learning platform' in 2007. It is still a very important aspect of the school allowing pupils, parents and teachers to communicate, set work and offer support.
Woodland Grange pupils doing their bit to keep Oadby streets tidy as part of the school project about litter - 2008 (photo courtesy of Sharon Bessey Suldhana)
  In 2010 Woodland Grange said goodbye to Miss Butcher. She had been the headteacher since the school first opened in 1991 and had led the school through its many triumphs.
 Mrs Lee's class - 2010 (photo courtesy of Amanda Cave)
  Mr Smyton's class - 2010 (photo courtesy of Amanda Gardner)
  Miss Wright's (Mrs Santy) class - 2014 
 Photos from our annual Friends of Woodland Grange summer fun day. Old and new pupils, parents and staff all gathered together to open our time capsule which had been buried in 2000. Miss Butcher came back to enjoy the day and catch up with many familiar faces. Mr Hayles helped two of our very first pupils open and share the memories from the time capsule - 2016