Woodland Grange Primary School

Age Range Change

Age Range Change

In January 2015, Gartree, Manor and Beauchamp began to consult regarding age range change in order to get parents and other stakeholders' views of them taking pupils from Yr 7 to 11 (Beauchamp will continue to have Yrs 12 and 13), with Yr 6 pupils ultimately remaining in their respective primary schools.  The proposed changes will see pupils being able to take their GCSEs at any of the above schools rather than transferring out of Gartree or Manor to complete them at Beauchamp. The consultation is also taking views, if indeed this is what parents and stakeholders want, as to whether this happens in 2016 or 2017.

Parents of our schools have been provided with links to the consultation materials for the above schools.  These links are also given, below:

  Beauchamp College:  http://www.beauchamp.org.uk/age-range-admissions

  Manor High School: www.manorhigh.leics.sch.uk/11-16_consultation

  Gartree High School: http://www.gartree.leics.sch.uk/about-us/gartree-high-school-age-range-change-consultation

Soon, the local primary schools will begin their own consultation to seek views regarding us extending our age range to include Yr 6 pupils.  More information will come out about this on 19 January 2015.

Gartree, Manor and Beauchamp have arranged their own consultation meetings but parents of children in ANY year group at Woodland Grange can attend a meeting in our school hall at 6pm on Wednesday 4th February.  Please note there will NOT be space for children to accompany parents.

 This meeting will be in two parts:

  • From 6.00pm to discuss the proposal for Year 6 to remain at Woodland Grange
  • From 6.30pm, the heads of Manor and Beauchamp will be available for questions in relation to what may happen beyond Year 6 (Gartree will not be represented at the meeting but has its own own meetings that you could attend)

The letters sent by us to parents regarding age range change are below.  This list will be added to so always check back here if you think you may have missed something.

Primary info about age range change.docx‚Äč

Meeting information for parents 9th January 2015.docx

Year 6 Primary Consultation Letter.docx