Woodland Grange Primary School

Our woodle

woodle is our 'Virtual Learning Environment'. It is our online extension of our school classroom. We developed woodle in school using the moodle platform and it has been an embedded part of our practice since 2006.

In 2008 OFSTED said, " Pupils make extremely good use of the school’s internet based learning site, ‘woodle’. Pupils say they find the activities teachers provide on the site to be challenging and full of fun. The site provides an excellent platform for pupils to share their views and it complements the very good work of the school council. Pupils use the site to email their teachers, expressing what they think about their learning. Teachers analyse this information very well and seek to improve or adapt what they offer the pupils. The ‘Woodle’ site shows the dedication of the teaching staff, who devise the activities and use the site to keep up a dialogue with pupils and support learning at home. The site is a key element in the delight pupils have for learning and contributes extremely well to the very good progress pupils make."