Woodland Grange Primary School

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Leicester City v. Swansea City 2016
The Queen's 90th Birthday 2016
KS2 Christmas Production 2015
Children in Need 2015
Red Nose Day 2015
Ukulele concert at DeMontfort Hall June 2014
Wolf run 2014
Yr 2 Healthy School Lunches
FS Space Assembly 2014
FS Space Evening Feb 2014
Yr 4 Ukulele Concert Feb 2014
KS2 Christmas Production 2013
Choir Visit to Manor November 2013
Leaping for Laptops June - 2013
Comic Relief 2013
KS1 Christmas Production 2012
Decorations Day 2013
Children in Need 2012 - yes we look ridiculous!
Sportsdays 2012
Olympic Fundraising for local charities
Queen's Diamond Jubilee Celebrations
Foundation Space Evening March 2012
Intrumental Showcase March 2012

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